Expect to FEEL your best. Expect your concerns to MELT AWAY as you are deeply cared for.

Are you seeking a superior massage? Deep is the perfect blend of THERAPY and LUXURY. Or a nurturing coach to assist with WELLNESS and WAIST-MANAGEMENT goals?

Expect Deep, PROVEN, customized methods to net you RESULTS.


Treat yourself to the care and nurture you deserve at Deep Health.

Come be deeply, madly healthy.


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What we Offer

Deep massage nyc

Modalities include: Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports & Medical, Deep Tissue, Deep Structural Integration, Energetic Work and Reiki.. These are combined as needed on-the-spot to create your customized session.


For Health Professionals

Deep Health works with health care professionals within their practices to expand wellness services  clients are already seeking to increase patient health and provider profits multiple times over.

wellness coaching

Deep Health uses the TLS Weight Management Solution, an extensive plan that covers everything you'll need to get fit and trim, not just a set of foods you can or cannot eat. Click above to learn more on what we offer.

Plunge into Deep Health and the ripples spread far and reach wide.  When you gain true control over your own health and body, you claim your power in the universe — then things start to really get exciting. Deep Health sets specific goals with clients. Founder Kenn is foremost in nurturing the wellness techniques which will resonate deepest with you — whether that's customized massage, private wellness consults, or clinically-proven weight-management, Deep Health will educate, coach, inform, and cheerlead you to be well and stay well rather than fix being sick.

"Deep Massage is a welcoming, comfortable venue for professional massage. Massage is focused through the lens of your specific needs. Massuse is thorough, sensitive, gentle or for maximum treatment, deep. Highly recommended for those who know what they need to accomplish with this experienced therapist."

Melinda Marx, NY

"Still reeling from yet another of Kenn's killer massages. As Kenn is a fantastic massage professional. I'm an athlete and as such don't trust my body with just anyone - had to take a risk whilst travelling though, and Kenn was great. Very knowledgable, right level of pressure in the right places, and good at finding trigger points for release. His energy, intuition and services are top class"

Sam T, Melbourne, Australia

"If your tight shoulders and overall physical tension are killing you, look no further. Kenn knows what he's doing and he ALWAYS hits the spot. He is also a great conversationist and a compassionate and awesome human being. I walked out of each session happier than before I went in."

Magie M, Astoria, NY

"Kenn is a real pro. His strong hands found all of my knots. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. He has a beautiful/quiet space in Chelsea. I've had a lot of massages in NYC and Kenn is definitely one of the best.  Treat yourself to his skills soon."

Jimmy H, New York, NY



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