Because Fed Isn't Just Food

Nutrition goes DEEPER.

Being happy makes you healthy, not the other way around.  

So we'll consider other factors — Primary Food — like spirituality, relationship, career, finances... creativity. 

Because when you regain CONTROL over your own HEALTH and BODY, you reaffirm your power in the universe. Then things start to really get EXCITING.

Rather than give you a list of what you can and cannot eat, together we will consider your own unique bio-individuality, see what foods work for you, and through TRIAL and SUCCESS we will help you find new FAVORITE FOODS that naturally crowd out less healthy choices until you are eating delicious foods and feeling great

(and maybe taking up less space, besides).



   Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food  — Hippocrates   



Are you as healthy as you want to be?


If we keep going the way we have been, is anything likely to improve? What if there were a few simple things you could start doing today to significantly impact your health and wellbeing immediately and on into the future?  Would you be willing to consider trying something new?


 Where do you see yourself getting started?



I'm ready now

To significantly impact my health over the next 21 days and I'm fully committed to losing some pounds and inches. I am open to trying some new things toward adopting a more fun and healthy lifestyle. The TLS 21 Day Challenge is a rapid, but healthy weight loss plan that covers everything you'll need to get fit and trim — not just a set of foods you can or cannot eat. 

i'm testing the waters

Just dipping my toe in first to see if I want to plunge in.  I'm anywhere from pretty healthy and want to take it up a notch, to just getting started learning some basics.  Great! Attend our free and fun networking and education Wine & Wellness  evening to teach yourself one or two simple things you can easily fit in with what you're currently doing. 



I want coaching

I just want more energy or to sleep better, or maybe I have digestive issues or food sensitivities, or I'm on a prescription and want to compensate with some nutrition, or I have another issue and want us to come up with a plan together. I'm open to either a single session or ongoing support.  


"Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela 

PYRAMID OR PLATE? (These guides usually leave something out.)


You haven't failed your diet — your diet has failed you. You know it and I know it — diets don't work. Instead, let's find you some new favorite foods that have you living life deliciously, increasing your health a degree at a time, and maybe even dropping a pound or an inch or two along the way. How healthy do you want to be and how fast do you want to get there? Let's meet for a consultation and evaluate how to proceed from there, because weight loss isn't magic — it's science. Call me or send me an email today.


I Want To Become A Health Coach





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