Because True Health goes Deep

It starts with feeling good in your own body — deep well-being.  It includes your body functioning at its best — having what it needs.  It is living in the deep certainty of making the right strides toward wholeness.

Deep Health was founded to provide busy people with the tools and treatments to provide superior health. Founder Kenn Elchert is a Licensed Massage Therapist with advanced training in Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports and Medical, Deep Tissue, Deep Structural Integration, Reiki and Energy Work.

A wellness educator and Health Coach, Kenn is trained by the nutraMetrix Educational Institute to bring wellness and whole-body protocols to both individuals seeking excellent health, and health professionals seeking prevention options for their patients. 

Kenn believes that simple reconnection with our innate well-being makes health and happiness an easy choice. That happiness is reflected in his many glowing clients—successful in weight loss, injury prevention, routine maintenance, and overall (optimal) health.